We believe all data should be verifiable, censorship-resistant, and ubiquitously accessible, delivered securely, on demand, and with users in control of their cost center. If we want to foster a truly decentralized future, data infrastructure must change.
No more
black boxes
Opaque on-chain data infrastructure should be deprecated. We now have the technology, such as ZKPs, to preserve anonymity without sacrificing verifiability. Chronicle Protocol has been purposely designed to provide both real-time and historical verifiability. Our unwavering commitment is to forge a verifiable future for the benefit of all on-chain data infrastructure.
Affordable cost of access
The cost to utilize high-quality Oracles and access authenticated data on-chain remains exorbitant - particularly on Ethereum. This limits the speed of development of the entire ecosystem, creating barriers to entry. We believe access to on-chain data should be more affordable, and this was a key driver in the development of Scribe, our next-generation cryptographic primitive that reduces gas usage of Oracles by over 60%.
Ubiquitous access
Data accessibility is a key component in a decentralized and verifiable future. Chronicle Protocol has been designed for developers to plug and play with the most popular existing Oracle interfaces. All blockchains can be supported based on a single implementation, and the on-chain dashboard will allow developers to subscribe to new Oracles or unsubscribe from existing Oracles anytime, anywhere.
Decentralized data
All core functions of Chronicle Protocol are decentralized. Community governance will control the onboarding and offboarding of Data Validators, and all decisions are recorded on-chain. Any community member can operate a Relay on the network, and any user can submit a fraud-proof to auto-ban a malicious Validator, receiving the ETH from that Oracle and creating a new and unique MEV opportunity.

Live Oracle Prices

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The Chronicle
Explore our on-chain dashboard. Examine each of the Oracles, dive into our community of Validators, and verify the total value secured by the protocol.
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Polygon zkEVM
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