Verifiable Data.
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The Problem
Oracles cannot cost-efficiently scale, lack transparency and true decentralization, and are slow and difficult to implement. Chronicle changes this...
Cost Efficient
Chronicle has developed a next-generation Oracle cryptographic primitive called Scribe, which reduces Oracle gas fees by over 60% on L1 & over 68% on L2. More updates, less cost.
Verifiability is at the core of Chronicle’s mission. Every element of data can be intuitively and provably tracked, end-to-end: creating the first high integrity censorship-resistant layer for data transmission. Try it out on The Chronicle.
Chronicle Oracles are blockchain agnostic and can be deployed on both public & enterprise ledgers. Subscribe to new Oracles or unsubscribe from existing Oracles at the click of a button. No more bottlenecks.
Community-Powered Consensus
Underpinning Chronicle Protocol is a community-powered consensus network of 22 Validator node operators that includes trusted protocols such as Infura, Etherscan, Gnosis, Gitcoin, Argent, MakerDAO, and dYdX.
Chronicle Protocol sends data over multiple off and on-chain P2P channels. The protocol can continue running without multiple Validators & Relays as long as a quorum is reached. Fraud proofs allow for auto-banning of malicious or compromised Validators.
MakerDAO and Chronicle

Chronicle started life as the first-ever Oracle on Ethereum, co-developed by our Founder, Niklas Kunkel, in 2017 to facilitate the creation of SAI, the predecessor to DAI.

Many iterations later, Chronicle Protocol remains the exclusive guardian of assets within MakerDAO. At times securing over $20B, enabling Maker to solidify its role as the leading DeFi protocol and largest on-chain lender.

Chronicle continues to provide a variety of Oracles to Maker, on Layer 1 and Layer 2 - powering the DAI money markets on Spark Protocol, and unlocking DAI’s strategic positioning as a leading stablecoin in DeFi.

The Chronicle

The Chronicle is an on-chain record of our Oracles & their reported data.

Launch the dashboard to intuitively track & verify all data from the Validator to the source. Subscribe & unsubscribe to new & existing Oracles on demand utilizing Chronicle’s on-chain accounting system, Levier.

Don’t settle for anything less than verifiable data.

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Chronicle Oracles can deploy on any blockchain. Which blockchain should we integrate next?
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