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Meet Team Chronicle at ETH Warsaw — August 30th, 2023

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What is Chronicle Protocol?

Chronicle Protocol is a trailblazing Oracle solution that has exclusively secured over $10B in assets for MakerDAO and its ecosystem since 2017. With a history of innovation, including the invention of the first Oracle on Ethereum, Chronicle Protocol continues to redefine Oracles. A blockchain-agnostic protocol, Chronicle overcomes the current limitations of transferring data on-chain by developing the first truly scalable, cost-efficient, decentralized, and verifiable Oracles, rewriting the rulebook on Oracle data transparency and accessibility.

Chronicle’s Key Developments:

  • Cost-Efficient Oracles: Chronicle has developed a smart contract called Scribe, which via an optimistic Schnorr hybrid design delivers gas fee savings of over 60% on L1 and 68% on L2. With this development, cost-efficient push Oracles become a reality.
  • Scalability: Due to this huge reduction in operational costs of Oracles, Chronicle can scale to deliver real-time and precise data.
  • End-to-End Verifiable Data: Using the on-chain Dashboard called The Chronicle, anyone can provably track where every element of data has come from, creating the first censorship-resistant layer for data transmission.
  • Accessibility: Chronicle Oracles have been designed to be blockchain agnostic, with a plug-and-play interface for those currently using Chainlink or Maker Oracles.
  • Unrivaled Security: Underpinning the protocol is a community-powered consensus network of 22 Feed node operators that includes trusted protocols such as Infura, Etherscan, dYdX, Gnosis, Argent, Gitcoin, Maker, and more.
  • Resilience: Relays transfer data over multiple transport layers on and off-chain, including Secure Scuttlebutt and Tor. This ensures if a layer, Feed, or Relay were to go down, the protocol would continue operating as long as a quorum can be reached.

From September 2023, Chronicle, the previously exclusive Oracle to MakerDAO, will be made available to all Web3 builders.

Earn up to $5000 in the Hackathon

Look out for the Chronicle Protocol bounty in the ETH Warsaw Hackathon and get a chance at scooping $5k for integrating a Chronicle Oracle, or two!

Keynote, Workshops, and Presentations

Every day at ETH Warsaw you can take part in one of Chronicle Protocol’s workshops, or listen to a presentation.

This is your chance to understand how implementing Chronicle Oracles can bring down your operational costs and increase your protocol’s security, decentralization, and verifiability.

Nik Kunkel — Keynote — Chronicle Protocol: Verification is the Ultimate Form of Trust

Paweł Zaremba — Presentation — Oracles: The Next Generation

Merkleplant.Eth — Workshop — How to use Chronicle Protocol’s new Scribe Oracles

Michał Dobaczewski — Workshop — Introduction to Ethereum Development with Go

Find Us At The Booth!

Chronicle will have a booth at the far end of the main hall, ground floor, opposite the hackathon area. Make sure to find the team and grab some limited-edition Chronicle SWAG, including t-shirts, hats, and stickers. If you’re taking part in the hackathon you’ll also get an exclusive pair of Chronicle socks!

Look out for the team:

Paweł Zeremba

Paweł Zaremba — @teghnet

Rachel Bier
Rachel Bier — @bier_rachel

Michał Dobaczewski 
Michał Dobaczewski — @MichalDobak


Nik Kunkel 
Nik Kunkel — @nomos_paradox

We can’t wait to meet you at ETH Warsaw — and don’t forget you have a chance to join Team Chronicle!

Tickets are on sale now at www.ethwarsaw.dev! Buy yours today and make a huge web3 splash with us in Warsaw!

About Chronicle Protocol

Chronicle is a blockchain-agnostic protocol that overcomes the current limitations of transferring data on-chain by developing the first truly scalable, cost-efficient, and decentralized Oracles. Since 2017, Chronicle has secured over $10B for MakerDAO, and, for the first time, its market-leading Oracles are now available to all Web3 builders.

Learn more about Chronicle Protocol and its transformative Oracle solutions by visiting https://chroniclelabs.org. Stay updated by following Chronicle Protocol on Twitter and join the community in Discord.